Keeping connections with Senior Friends

The senior community at the New Jewish Home are largely confined to wheelchairs, but continue to retain strong cognitive capabilities. These seniors are often unable to leave home due to limited mobility or the long distance from their families, and are therefore susceptible to social isolation. Working closely with hospital staff and volunteer coordinators, NYJL’s Senior Friends plan and organize engaging activities to enrich residents’ daily lives and provide a greater sense of community. 

Advocacy in Action: Responding to Domestic Violence from Multiple Perspectives

On Monday, December 7, NYJL’s Advocates for Public Policy welcomed elected officials and community partners to NYJL’s annual (virtual) Legislative Breakfast and introduced the organization’s 2020–2021 advocacy agenda focusing on mental health, food insecurity and domestic violence. This event specifically highlighted how COVID-19 has exacerbated the public health crisis of domestic violence and explored ways […]

NYJL volunteer shares her experience serving on a nonprofit junior board

Interview between Kaitlyn Krouse, NET Committee and Haley Mitchell, PIP Committee and Learn Fresh Junior Board Member   If you are interested in learning more about nonprofit board service please sign up to attend the next NET NonProfit Mixer on Tuesday, December 8,  from 7:00–9:00 p.m. Haley Mitchell is originally from Powder Springs, GA, and […]

Offering a “New View” online

After the recent installation of Internet access at Good Shepherd Services’ facilities, NYJL’s virtual workshops present a ‘New View’ for youth clients. When the pandemic suddenly disrupted daily life and required everyone to limit physical contact, technology immediately became a necessary resource–to continue education programs, maintain employment, apply for unemployment assistance, attend doctor’s visits without […]