Benefits of Membership

Opportunity to be part of a reputable organization that has been on the forefront of New York City’s defining moments and an integral partner in responding to the city’s most pressing socioeconomic challenges for more than a century. The NYJL tackles issues such as homelessness, food insecurity, education, and child health, and works with women, children, and families to advance socioemotional learning and mastery of functional life skills through its advocacy efforts and work with community partner organizations. The NYJL will be needed more than ever when the pandemic subsides and New York City needs help rebuilding.

Connection with a community of 2,400 extraordinary women with diverse backgrounds, talents, and passion for volunteerism and effecting positive change.

Consistent and continuous volunteer opportunities that enable you to build relationships with clients, community partners, and fellow committee members; help guide the direction of your project; and witness its progression throughout your service.  

Hands-on training and experiences that deepen your knowledge of the community issues we care about and develop your skills in nonprofit operations, program management, and direct service delivery. All members also have access to Association of Junior Leagues International’s (AJLI) extensive learning portal, webinars, in-person trainings, and benefits.

Leadership development through skills workshops and service in leadership roles. Leadership roles range from Council associate, committee vice and sub-chairs to co-chairs, Management Council, and Board of Directors. Leaders develop skills in managing teams of 5 to 150 people, strategic planning, project management, public speaking, ownership of programs or events from start to completion.

Opportunities to engage with civic leaders, elected officials, and community partners through special panels, events, and mixers.

Affiliation activities and events, such as affinity groups for mothers and women of color, book clubs, exercise outings, game nights, and seasonal celebrations. 

Invitations to all NYJL fundraising and specialty events so you can support NYJL’s mission while catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Transferable membership to Leagues throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and England.

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