10 Fun Facts You Don’t Know About the NYJL

10 Fun Facts You Don’t Know About the NYJL - New York Junior League

  1. Last year members volunteered over 261,000 hours. That is the equivalent of almost 30 years!
  2. We served over 75,000 unique clients. That is more people than the populations of Wilmington, DE; Utica, NY; Portland, ME; Greenwich, CT, or Burlington, VT, to name just a few cities.
  3. We worked with over 16,000 repeat clients this year.
  4. Almost half of our fundraising events’ net income came from events other than Winter Ball and House Tour. So the next time you see an announcement for Après Ski or Homecoming, check it out!
  5. The overwhelming majority of events exceeded projected net income targets.
  6. We serve clients with education modules that span 24 different areas and issues including finance, safety, health, and self-esteem.
  7. Last year, we rolled out a study that began to track the impact we are having on our clients. The Culture and the Arts Council’s committees showed an average 40% overall improvement in one year.
  8. Our friends at Advocates for Public Policy regularly reach out to legislators and other stakeholders to further NYJL initiatives. 80% of communications receive responses from legislators and other stakeholders.
  9. The Children’s Lil Goblins Halloween Party was the most attended Affiliation event this year.
  10. Friday Flash emails have a 40% open rate, double the normal average open rate for marketing emails.