Reading Rangers teaches Haiku at East River Houses Community Center

Every Monday, volunteers from the Reading Rangers committee visit the East River Houses Community Center. In its second year as a committee, volunteers encourage and educate young children in the Supportive Children’s Advocacy Network (SCAN) by providing reading lessons and literacy education. The program uses a positive, consistent approach by providing a fun learning environment, fostering young minds and encouraging a love of reading. Reading Rangers aims to improve reading levels for all our young participants, giving them a head start for a life of learning.

A recent lesson focused on Haiku. Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The objective of focusing on Haiku was to work with the children on key literacy skills of syllabication, chunking, and encoding. The lesson began with the children reading “mystery Haikus” and then solving the riddle using the clues found in the poem.

Children were then tasked to write a Haiku about themselves.  They worked with a volunteer to brainstorm a list of things about themselves, and then used the list to create Haiku lines in the proper syllable structure. Though tricky, the children happily edited and adjusted their sentences to meet the criteria. Once their poem was written, they placed it into a frame and decorated the frame with stickers, pom poms, and ribbons.

The Haiku poems created by these children showed their own unique personality while also highlighting who they were as individuals.

I am good at math.
I am so great in writing.
I am good at sports.
By Laveek

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