Our Supporters

Thank you to our generous Sponsors & Donors who enable the NYJL to continue working on our mission to support our city’s women, children, and families. updated as of October 30, 2023

The 1901 Society

Established in 2021, the 1901 Society is the highest level of giving within the First League Fund program. Participation in the 1901 Society helps foster the growth and sustainability of the New York Junior League through generous contributions to the First League Fund that enable continued investment in our mission, further development of our membership, stewardship of our headquarters, and delivery of our services to the most vulnerable individuals in our community.  

We thank our 1901 Society donors for their substantial support of the NYJL. The 1901 Society will sunset in 2024.  New members may pledge to join until April 1st, 2024. 

Joanne K. Adams
Maggie Beller
Sarah M. Belz
Blythe Winchester Brock
Dayna Cassidy
Rosemarie Elizabeth Dackerman
Christina M. Feicht
Susan Stix Fisher
Deane Allen Gilliam
Michelle Alyssa Go
Kate Gunio
Marion Hedges
Mary J. Henry
Mary G. Herms & Ryan J. Marshall
Julie Horner
Colleen Kaye Hoy
Natalie Ings
Olivia McBurney Leon
Kamie Lightburn
Amanda Davis Lister
Hilary K McNamara
Christina Bott Murphy
Barbara A. Paddock
Elizabeth M. Pavone
Joan E. Pedley
Celeste Rault
Diann Rohde
Betsy Smith and John Barrie


Mary Harriman Society 

Mary Harriman Society encompasses NYJL volunteers and friends who documented their generosity and commitment to the NYJL through a will, trust, or other planned gift of any size. The Mary Harriman Society provides the foundation for the NYJL’s continued excellence in years to come. Planned gifts help the NYJL continue its work to train young women for volunteer service, support women’s leadership, and develop innovative programs that address New York City’s social and economic challenges.

Thank you to our Mary Harriman Society for your commitment to the NYJL.


Thanksgiving Eve Ball 

The 75th Thanksgiving Eve Ball will be held on Wednesday, November 22, 2023. This is a special occasion to welcome our youngest volunteers, and their families, into our NYJL community. Thank you to the 2023 Thanksgiving Eve Ball Families and Donors.


Fundraising Event Sponsors

The NYJL Fundraising Committees work year round to raise funds for the NYJL.  These events are made possible by the generous support of our donors. The below donors contributed $5,000 or more in cash to one of this year’s Fundraising Events.  Thank you for your support of our organization.  


First League Fund

Contributing to the NYJL provides essential, unrestricted funds to sustain NYJL’s community work, headquarters, leadership training, and our ability to adapt our programming to the ever-evolving pandemic and socioeconomic crisis. Generous donations of any size advance our mission.  We recognize the support of our volunteers and supporters who have donated to the 2023-2024 First League Fund.


$1,000 – $2,499 donors

Jephtha Tausig

Christina Murphy

$500-$1,000 donors

In Memory of Cornelia Clifford

The Go Family

Nassim Kohly

Susan Gammage Munn

Maria and Lawrence Reina

Kaivan Shakib

$250-$500 donors

Ellen Avellino

Erin Dodds

Katherine de Giorgio-Miller

Kathryn McGlynn

Megan Zuckerman

$25 – $250
Nora Alhasan

In Memory of Bunty Armstrong

Ms. Maureen Brady Atinsky

Mr. and Mrs. John Barrie

Joan M. Benham

Gillian Boehringer

Holly Bolton

Raven Carter

Alesandra Casalino

Brenna Ciel

In memory of Corneila Clifford

Amy Connor

Mary Cooper

Alexandra Dadisman

Susan Davison

Molly DeCresce

Christine Dinisi

Abigail Eberts

Alison Ederer

Serra E. Eken

Jennifer Farrell

Brianna Ferrante

Michelle Fikrig

Kimberly Fisher

Kristin Flattmann

Nicole Furlong

Sheila Hultgren Giangrande

Olivia Griffin

Madeleine Hambleton

Corby Herschman

Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Hoyle

Nikki Hudak

Holly Hunt

Zlatina Ivanova

Amadi Jackman

Bree Johnson

Ashley Jones

Michelle LeNoach

Mona Kelly Lopez

Emily Lynch

Elizabeth Mallalieu

Susan Marks

Hali McClelland

Tranda Misini

Brian Murphy

Mary Ellen Ostrander

Tracy Parker

Carolyn Leigh Patterson

Erin Pelletier

Terry Pope

Jeri Powell

Lori Pridgen

Lynn Jackson Quinn

Lauren Ralph

Cristina Rebello

Ellen Smith Rose

Caroline Ryals

Taylor Sellers

Pamela Siler

Alexandra Sobczak

Sarah Ufner

Dana Vogel

Leah Wenger