Become a Partner

The New York Junior League (NYJL) is actively seeking new Community Partners on a rolling basis.  Those organizations seeking to be a Community Partner of the NYJL must be able to formally propose an on-going volunteer project that utilizes NYJL trained volunteers, fits within the NYJL's Community Program areas and meets current NYJL community priorities as set forth by the NYJL Board of Directors. NYJL volunteers cannot participate in fund raising related activities for other organizations.

Organizations that would like to be considered for partnership must meet the following initial criteria:

  • Any proposed volunteer project must fall within the NYJL’s mission.
  • Proposed project must closely match and be able to fall within one of our four (4) Community Program areas.  Please read the descriptions of each area linked below as well as the list of existing community partnerships and projects within each area to determine whether your organization’s mission and proposed project would fit within the NYJL’s existing community priorities:
  • The proposed project must be designed to utilize the NYJL’s trained volunteers and must meet our criteria for volunteer participation:
    • Project must be located within Manhattan
    • The NYJL volunteer year runs from September through May – volunteer activities must take place within this period of time.  Volunteer activities do not take place during the summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day)
    • Committees typically meet weekly or bi-weekly for 1.5 to 2 hours
    • Volunteers participating in projects taking place in the evening are not expected to arrive at meetings prior to 6:30PM.  Daytime projects should take place between 10AM and Noon.  Weekday projects are preferable
  • Partnership may take the form of either:
    • An ongoing NYJL volunteer committee – a project that is on-going and requires establishment of a formal NYJL volunteer committee and regular and consistent attendance by a dedicated group of NYJL volunteers on specific day(s) of the week throughout the NYJL volunteer year.
    • A regular “Done-In-a-Day” one-off volunteer event that occurs up to several times per year, but does not require a formal volunteer committee.

Expression of Interest in Partnership Timeline

  • Your expression of interest in partnership will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. (Please note that delays in the normal consideration time  may occur during the months of June, July and August when the NYJL volunteers are not as active.)
  • Any and all newly established partnerships will begin in September at the beginning of the NYJL volunteer calendar year.
  • The submission process (listed below) must be initiated by the organization by December 31 of the year prior to the proposed partnership start date. The deadline for proposed projects which would commence in September 2015 is December 31, 2014. In some instances expressions of interest will be considered after the deadline.

Expression of Interest in Partnership Process
  • Organization submits initial Expression of Interest in Partnership on the NYJL website.
  • An auto-generated email will be sent to the organization to confirm receipt.
  • The Expression of Interest in Partnership is reviewed and evaluated by the NYJL  within thirty (30) days of receipt.
  • Email sent to organization contact indicating whether or not the NYJL will proceed further with the review process.
  • If approved to proceed, an in-person interview and site-visit with the organization at the proposed project site will be arranged.
  • If approved, organization may be asked to help coordinate and schedule a one-off volunteer event, also known as a “Done-In-A-Day (DIAD) On Demand" test event that would closely model the proposed volunteer project.  Both the organization and participating NYJL committee complete an event evaluation.
  • The NYJL Board of Directors vote whether to approve the new Community Partner - the partnership will either become an ongoing, long-term NYJL volunteer committee or a DIAD project that requires NYJL volunteers less frequently.
  • If approved, the organization and the NYJL execute a formal Letter of Agreement establishing a long-term partnership.

Expression of Interest in Partnership