Words of Wisdom Part 3: #ivolunteerbecause

"“I volunteer because I want to improve the lives of women and children in our community.” – Joan Pedley, NYJL Provisional Training, Audit, and  Investment committees volunteer

As National Volunteer Week comes to a close, we are excited to present the third installment of the Words of Wisdom series which focuses on inspirational words from our current volunteers. Every volunteer in the New York Junior League shares the same commitment to volunteerism, while each maintaining a unique take on why it’s important. Use these inspirational thoughts from the “I Volunteer Because” campaign as a reminder of our core mission with the New York Junior League. We thank each of our volunteers for their dedication, passion and commitment to making New York City a better place!

  • “I volunteer because I want to make a difference on a macro and micro level.” – Sondra Rapoport, NYJL Auction committee volunteer
  • “I volunteer because I want to improve the lives of women and children in our community.” – Joan Pedley, NYJL Provisional Training, Audit, and Investment committees volunteer
  • “I volunteer because it is such a rewarding way to spend my time and enriches my life on so many levels: helping others, learning about and improving our community, and meeting extraordinary people, many of whom have become life-long friends.” – Allison Kellogg, NYJL Strategic Planning Co-Chair
  • “I volunteer because I enjoy helping my community while learning ways to become a better volunteer.” – Elizabeth Snypes, Placement Secretary
  • “I volunteer because I love our city and I appreciate collaborating with smart and energetic women who are committed to improving our community.” – Lauren Giordani, Golden Tree Co-Chair
  • “I volunteer with the NYJL because I want to help create positive experiences for others in my community.” – Jennifer Wiese, NYJL Website Co-Chair
  • “I volunteer because “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi” – Helene Zhu, NYJL Affiliation Co-Chair
  • “I volunteer because it’s my way to show appreciation and give back in a fun and positive way to the community where I call home.” – Kristen Kocis, Winter Ball Vice-Chair
  • “I volunteer because of the inspiring women I meet at the NYJL.” – Kendall Sale, NYJL External Communications and Strategic Oversight & Impact committees volunteer
  • “I volunteer because it is my duty as a member of the global community and I am committed to raising my children with this same belief.” – Sarah McGee, Junior Junior League Vice-Chair
  • “I volunteer because I want to help improve the well-being of New Yorkers who are less fortunate. I know that as a volunteer with the NYJL, I am part of a team that is making a difference in their lives and in our community.” – Caroline Tyburczy Donohue, NYJL Nominating and Strategic Planning committees volunteer
  • “I volunteer because the people we serve are inspiring with the work they put into creating better opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.” – Elena Pavloff, NYJL New Beginnings committee volunteer
  • “I volunteer because my life is so enriched through knowing and collaborating with smart, proactive women to improve the lives of our fellow New Yorkers.” – Heidi Thompson, NYJL Treasurer
  • “I volunteer because every little bit that I give into the NYJL makes a huge difference and that’s the satisfaction that keeps my passion of volunteering going,” – Saumya Shetty, NYJL CHEF Secretary
  • “I volunteer because if I can make a difference for just one person then all the effort is worth it.” – Cynthia Vitari, NYJL Director at Large
  • “I volunteer because I believe in civic duty through giving back. The NYJL allows me to invest in the City through its historic roots in the New York community.” – Sarah Rodriguez, Steps to Success Co-Chair

Thank you for following each stage of the Words of Wisdom series. Please feel free to email publications@nyjl.org with any questions or comments.

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