NYJL Promotes Health & Wellness During Inaugural Event

The New York Junior League held its inaugural Wellness Day fundraiser at the Astor House on the third Saturday of January. A full day of health speakers, exhibitors and classes was scheduled and broken up in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

A VIP Lunch Panel featured female founders of wellness-focused companies. The founders shared their personal stories of wellness and lessons learned from starting their own business. Fitness classes focused on muscle rehabilitation, cathartic exercise, abdominal strength and Pilates. A nutritionist, dermatologist, fitness instructor, yogi, fertility specialist, financial adviser and personal trainer were also available for advice.

Wellness Day partners and sponsors include health foods, day spas and boutique gyms with plenty promotional offerings. While the day concluded with a Bandier reception with vendors to invigorate healthy living.

Thank you to Partners of Wellness Day:



Chaise Fitness

Human Potential Chiropractor

Juliana Jacobs Shalek

Fitness Instructors:

Samantha Cagman

Hilary Rifkin

Jade Alexis

Kyle Brown

Bryna Carracino

Tatiana Lampa





Dr. Anne Chapas

Financial Gym

Dr. Jamie Knopman of CCRM – NY and Truly-md

Dr. Jennifer MacGregor

Jen Nigro Meditation

Lorraine Kearney Nutrition

Dr. Sheeva Talebian of CCRM – NY and Truly-md

Tatiana Ridley of Healthylicious Bliss


Thank you to Sponsors of Wellness Day: