Supporting Nonprofits Through Impact, Innovation and Inclusion

On April 25th, The New York Junior League hosted its an annual Forum for Nonprofits.  This event serves as a unique training and networking opportunity for individuals who work at small to medium nonprofit organizations in New York City.  Those in attendance focused on key issues facing both nonprofits and the communities they serve. With […]

Protecting Fellow Volunteers and Yourself from Harassment

Last month, the Volunteer Education and Training (VET) committee presented “Preventing Volunteer and Workplace Harassment” at P.S. 6. A critical topic in today’s culture, it is important that all NYJL volunteers and the communities with whom we work know their rights and what they can do to prevent harassment. NYJL Past President Ellen Rose, VET […]

VET Teaches NYJL Volunteers Presentation Skills

Delivering a brilliant, memorable and interactive presentation requires a number of components: perfecting storytelling skills, selecting the right delivery method, and compiling memorable content and visuals. The Volunteer Education & Training (VET) committee hosted a training teaching attendees the skills they need to elevate their presentation skills to support their work in the communities. This […]

Volunteer Education on Overcoming Challenges Working With At-Risk Youth

Left to right: Volunteers, Hope Palladino of GOAL and Hannah Beswick of Reading Rangers with Lew Zuchman of SCAN – NY. Volunteering as a New York Junior League mentor is a wonderful way to provide both life guidance and career exploration for youth that may be at risk of social, economic, or academic failure. Programs […]

Three Things I Discovered from Participating in Nonprofit Board Clearinghouse

You may have asked yourself, over the course of your volunteer membership at the New York Junior League, is the Nonprofit Board Clearinghouse course for you, a friend, a community partner or a fellow board member? What does it entail? What is it like? In the Spring 2015, I signed up for the accelerated one-day […]